Tranxmedia conference gives us a new opportunity to imagine and start building the future of audiovisual storytelling.

This second edition of Tranxmedia conference gives us the opportunity to meet international and local transmedia experiences. Tishna Molla, COO of Power to the Pixel will present the most relevant projects being developed internationally.

Following, we will introduce a recent lab-project known as TranXlan, carried out on september in San Sebastian. Also, in the afternoon, we will hold a workshop, using the basque activity “Korrika” (which we will explain what is about) as a theme.  Which ones are the transmedia steps to be developed? The brainstorming will be, indeed, interesting.

Transmedia is a new model of storytelling based on either real or fictional stories. These kind of projects are seeking new narratives where the audience becomes the main roll of the story, developers design products based on interaction, and use all the resources that technology offers. So when can say that the Transmedia projects fit the current audiovisual context.

EITB (Euskal Irrati Telebista – Basque Radio/TV) Tabakalera ( International Contemporary Culture Centre) and UPV-EHU (University of Basque Country) organise a seminar that sets out to be a meeting point for audiovisual professionals, digital and technological industries, investors, entrepreneurs, students and other interested audiences.

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